About 125th Street Business Improvement District

The 125th Street Business Improvement District

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As an organization, the 125th Street BID seeks to develop a community-based vision to maintain the heritage of 125th Street, to help secure future cultural presentation and production in Harlem and to encourage the ongoing revitalization of 125th Street as a premier art, culture and entertainment destination. Other goals include: event promotion and nightlife, to facilitate active tourism, to celebrate and build upon existing cultural assets, to catalyze economic development, to increase pedestrian mobility, to give the streetscape a cohesive modern appearance and reduce clutter, to develop additional public space, to include public art throughout the project, and to create a high quality urban environment that contributes to an identity for the Harlem community.

We hosted our first annual Harlem Holiday Lights program in 1994.  The event has become a well-known feat of 125th Street and a highly-anticipated community event. With the lights, the BID aims to create a festive holiday atmosphere for families, businesses and visitors.  The event will launch the holiday season in on 125th Street and for Upper Manhattan, celebrating our 21st annual anniversary as a Business Improvement District.